Formation Public-Private Working Groups PPWG


RWDC Reporter, Dang

Public-Private Working Group has formed under civil society: mutual accountability project in Dang. Mr. Jitnendra man Nepali -chief of district coordination committee is leading of the group and Mr. Chandra Raj Pant as a Sub-coordinator.

The members of the group name list as follow;

1 Narulal Chaudhary GSMC – chief
2 Dipak Kumar Sharma DADO
3 Ghanshyam Pokhrel DHO
4 Rabindra Chetri DEO
5 Ramesh Mainali DEO
6 Bishwo Mani Joshi WDO
7 Dr. Gobinda Aacharya DCC
8 Netra Parkash Pandey LPC
9 Narayan Bhushal CCI
10 Sabin Priyasan FNJ
11 Narayan Parsad Dangi Bar Association
12 Bhup Br. KC Bar Association
13 Khum Bahadur Gurung Janajati Federation
14 Tanka Sunar Dalit Federation
15 Salikram Musafir NGO Fed
16 Santosh Aadhikari Journalist
17 Prem Ramja Fonij Dang
18 Munal Gemeri CA Laxmipur
19 Jahendra Chaudhary CA Rampur
20 Keshab Ku Sharma Human right
21 Amar Chitjij Equal Access

Specially, Rural Women Development Center has been conducting this project since March 01, 2017 in Dang District in collaboration with FHI 360. The project is working on four major sectors health, education, agriculture and DRR for effective public resource use and public service delivery oversight according to government policies provisions.

Recently, Common Assemblies -2, HEAD coalition network, Listening Discussion and Action Groups have formed under the project in Dang.