Door to Door Service from Micro-finance Program

Microfinance Program is an indispensable instrument for poverty alleviation in Nepal. Nepal is a country full of villages and only villages, wherein nearly 80% of people live in rural areas. Such a huge number of people are deprived of all banking services even today. Most of these banks are located in the towns and the bank loan disbursement process is complicated besides taking long time. Without collateral, the banks do not grant loans. Keeping in view that like other businessmen, capitalist and rich farmers, the poor and women also need banking services, RWDC started disbursing micro loans to the women on the basis of group as collateral, after taking a finance intermediary license from Nepal Rastra Bank in accordance with the Act 2055 BS. So far, the Microfinance Program has created an access to the banking services for those poor and rural women, who did not have any access to it previously. Under this program, RWDC renders door to door banking services to the rural clients. By now, 35500 members have benefited from this Microfinance program.

Creating Self –Employment for Rural Women:
Microfinance has created Self-Employment for thousands of poor rural women, who are now engaged in Self-Employment entrepreneurship due to micro loans provided by RWDC. Increasing number of Poultry Farms, Vegetable Farm, Pig Farm, Goat Farm, and Small Grocery Shops can be seen in every nook and corners of rural areas that are prospering and enhancing the financial conditions and livelihood of the rural women, who previously did not have any access to banking services.

Micro Finance Product
1. Types of Saving
• Group Saving
• Personal Saving
• Education and Pension Saving
• Capacity Development Fund
• Welfare Fund
• Center Fund Saving
2. Types of loan
• General Loan
• Sessional Loan
• Micro enterprise Loan
• Education Loan
3. Life and Housing Protection
• Death of Clients
• Death of Husband of Clients
• Disaster and Fires
4. Delivery Service
• Provide service to mothers for 2 babies
5. Training
• Entrepreneur Training
• Commercially Training
• Capacity and Leadership Training