Relieve distribution to flood affected peoples in Banke

Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) has distributed relieves corresponded of 68 thousand 4 hundred to flood affected peoples of 57 household who have affected from flood of last month  in Banke district.

RWDC has distributed relieve focusing to the peoples of Raptisonari Gaunpalika with cash and foodstuffs. The relieve has distributed RWDC chairperson Mrs. Aasmani Chaudhary in participating of local leaders, philanthropist, staff and mothers group. Per families received Rs. 7 thousand and foodstuffs whose families’ member had death from flood, and then 12 hundred rupee has distributed to per flood affected families from RWDC.

Before this time, RWDC is disturbing relieve with cash and foodstuff to them who affected from fires, earthquake, landslides and flood in this working district. Likewise, RWDC has prepared for disturbing relieve in another district too.

Mrs. Aasmani Chaudhary speaking in this relieve distribution program, Nepal government should be supported immediately for safe resettled to them. From this flood, many laity peoples has been enduring afflictions since ago – she told that. Poor and marginalized people are living at beaches of river and streambeds due to careless of relevant agencies, hence Nepal government should make plan for those peoples to prevent this accidents.