Conducted Bi-Annual Review and Reflection Workshop

Rural Women Development Centre (RWDC) has conducted bi-annual review and reflection workshop under micro-finance (MFI) on 8-10, 2018 (2074/10/25-27) in Butwal, Rupandehi proposed kingdom of province #5. RWDC Executive Board, Executive director and mfi total staffs were the participated in this workshop from Dang, Banke and Salyan district. At the present, RWDC is launching micro-finance program through 14 branches in same district without donor project. The three days’ workshop was conduct in various venue and date for refreshment and to create extra energy to staff and prepare the strategies plan for next year.

In the first day, RWDC organized the introduction and experience sharing program in Jhakhera lake side in Dang. The entire participants shared own experience along with introduction which has gained knowledge and learning in field level to implement the mfi program, new staffs were the motivated form sharing of senior staffs. At the same time, RWDC organized the picnic program to the staffs for refreshment, the entire participants enjoyed and celebrated this picnic program. This program facilitated by executive director and chairperson of RWDC. Likewise, as a formal program conducted on 9 Feb 2018 in Butwal, the program chaired by Mrs. Aasmani Chaudhary chairperson of RWDC and director had welcomed to all with her motivational and powerful speech, at the same time he informed about of program objective and way forward. After that, the branch manager welly presented the branch presentation along with total outstanding, saving, loan investment amount and SWOT (strengthen, weakness, opportunity and thread). Executive board member and director suggested and given feedback on this presentation to all branches for effective implementation as prepared the strategies plan.

In the last day, RWDC organized the exposure visit program f or staffs to add extra motivation and creativeness in work after the closing program, the exposure visit program welly completed in Lumbini area of Lord Buddha along with executive committee. This is more effective and achievable creating the learning environment for staffs.