RWDC Conducted CSO fair in Dang

RWDC conducted CSO fair in Dang district coordinating with FNCCI from Feb 15, 2018 to Feb 26, 2018, civil society and NGO federation supported to facilitate on the CSO fair. In the Dang district, this is a first initialization behalf on CSOs and innovative work for communication and information to know the public service delivery and public resource. RWDC has prepared material about public facilities, right and responsibilities of Gaunpalika/Nagarpalika and Ward office to provide to visitors. Ghorahi Sub metropolitan city and ward office are provides the others materials to RWDC and daily support for conducting stall. Government officer, elected representative, CSO representatives have visited time to time for support and effectiveness. 1000 people are benefited from the CSO fair.
Mr. Narualal Chaudhary (chief of Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan city) said that ‘this is an innovative and great work to flow information about local bodies and new policies of health, education, agriculture and disaster risk reduction’. Government executives, elected representatives and RWDC executive board also visited this stall.