Micro Finance Reducing Poverty of Nepal

Micro Finance Program is being conducted in Nepal since 3 decades, in the context of Nepal 80% people are living in rural area and not access of the government for them. They have not economic acclimation in their daily livelihood, the more of the deprived, marginalized, backward and poor of the poorest people are not accessing from government facilities and service effectively. They are not in access of banking facilities for growth the economic status even today. Therefore, the micro-finance started to reduce the poverty of Nepal, it program started Mr. Mohamad Onus from Bangladesh, and the program is operating in 40 countries of the world now.

In the context, Center for Self-help Development, Kathmandu and 5 mfis organization visited micro finance program under East Meets West: Domestic Study Visit Program of MFIs on March 18 – 19, 2018 (Chaitra 3 – 4, 2074) in Dang to Rural Women Development Centre (RWDC) and Nepal Women Community Service Centre (NWCSC) for interacting the present issues/challenges and progress of women who take the loan from micro finance for business, at the moment the team had observed success diligent business and interacted with them. The program jointly organized by RWDC and NWCSC and combination of the program had center for self- help development CSD.

Day I

RWDC and NWCSC team welcomed to Mr. Shankar Man Shrestha and entire team, there were presence chief and executive director from 5 organizations which organization contributing micro-finance program for economic empowerment of women in Nepal. The welcome program chaired by Mrs. Aasmani Chaudhary from RWDC, chief guest Mr. Shankar Man Shrestha from CSD and other guest represented from Jeevan Bikash Samaj, Nerude Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd, Shree Navodaya Multipurpose Co-op. society Ltd Jhapa, Mirmire Microfinance Development Bank Ltd, Kavre, Sahara Nepal SACCOS Ltd, Jhapa. RWDC and NWCSC shared about the institutional progress and existing project/program along with progress and issues of micro finance, the entire guest discussed on the presentation and shared experience and learning of micro-finance. Chief guest Mr. Shrestha shared the long experience and learning of micro-finance and how to mitigate the challenges and problems in present situation for further action? The program was very interactive and output oriented for both organization.

After the discussion program the entire team visited mfis groups and clients business by going in related field, at that time Sahara Mahila Utthan Kendra was visited from entire team at Bhaiskumra Lamahi, Dang which group formed from Rural Women Development Centre, those women had hotly welcomed to entire team and interacted with them. Center Chief Mrs. Parbati Chaudhary shared about group details and clients progress, after that entire team departure to visit clients business in related field with RWDC and NWCSC team.  In this day, the entire team observed the business of Mrs. Mangala Devi Chaudhary, she lives in Lathahawa, Deukhuri Dang, and the entire team felt happiness by seeing business and her labor. Chaudhary is doing poultry, meat fresh house and cycle repaired shop with her husband by taking loan from MFI of RWDC, and her daily income is Rs. 3000 – 5000.

Day II

RWDC and NWCSC jointly organized interaction program of present issues/challenges for microfinance program on March 18. 2018 in Ghorahi Dang, director of RWDC Mr. Shogat Chaudhary welcomed to entire guest and participants along with micro finance issues/challenges and contribution of mfi in new federal state. He told – “some political parties and gangster interfered in micro finance due to economic crisis”, at the moment staff have exposed real community level challenges who are enduring for long time in field. At the begging to end Mr. Shankar Man Shrestha addressed this issues and cleared for further work, he suggested to both organization for working along with action plan and by developing good coordination with federal executives.

Mrs. Aasmani Chaudhary thanked to guest and entire participants from representing RWDC and NWCSC, at this moment RWDC imparted gift to entire guests for commemorate. The program chaired by Bimala Yougi from NWCSC.