Enhancing Capacity on Leadership of Rural Women through Microfinance

Rural Women Development Centre (RWDC) is social development institution. It has been lunching its program since 1993 in marginalized and destitute community for women empowerment. During the program implementing phase, RWDC saw poverty was rooted in the village. Destitute community people have no means to improve their financial condition to fulfill daily livelihood, they used to borrow loan from land lords, which was very costly. If they were unable to return loan and interest to money lender, they were compel to be bonded labor in money lenders home, which is against of universal declaration of Human Rights. This kind of scenario strike to RWDC. RWDC thought lunch the microfinance program for economic, social and leadership development to marginalized and destitute community people. RWDC organized marginalized and destitute community people in groups. The women who organized in group, RWDC disbursed business loan without collateral. Utilizing this system, marginalize and destitute community women are improving their economic condition and social status. Now most of the destitute women are micro entrepreneurs among them some are elected in local election .This Microfinance program enhancing the women’s economic, social, cultural and political sphere.

Rural Women Development center’s vision is to create self-reliant and empower society for achieving this vision, it has launched micro-finance program involved of the rural women members. Often, women involves in each program representing from community and groups for sharing learning and presented their thought about the enterprise and business to motivate another clients.  Most of the women could present smoothly about the micro-finance program and current situation of women how to improve financial condition. The micro-finance is enhancing capacity to develop leadership of women along with developed the success entrepreneurs from small enterprise.

In this way, RWDC conducted center chief workshop for mfi clients in Dang, Banke and Salyan district under micro-finance program, it conducts annually in every branches. In this workshop, entire center chiefs participates from own groups for sharing and learning about progress, challenges, opportunity and planning. Similarly, success entrepreneur invited in this workshop to share rich experience, learning and about their enterprise and business. Almost 300 center chiefs (women) participated in each center chief annual review workshop. This kind of 13 events conducted within this year.

Success entrepreneur Lokmaya Chaudhary Tamang could express her thought continually 20 to 30 minutes in mass without hesitation, she involves in micro-finance group under Bhalubang branch and conducting meat fresh house, piglet farm and goat farming with her husband. She is freed Kamlahari, but she is very pro-active and industrious for conducting business, her husband is supporting to her. She has capable herself economically and socially at present. Now, she participates program, workshop and training for motivating to another women and RWDC invite in every program to share her experience. Likewise, Gita Chaudhary, Durgi Sarki and Samtoli Chaudhary, also involves in micro-finance program, these success members are role model, and micro-finance program has developed thousand members like above mention entrepreneurs.  Their capacity has enhanced to lead the any program and exposed their thought in mass for motivating to rural women as developed capacity. They are playing importance role in their community for rights and advocacy, another women are learning skills from them to start the business. RWDC provided business specific training to entire clients for developing entrepreneurs. They have known as a strong and competent women in their community and growth economic status than before. Previously they haven’t skilled to facilitate program and workshop and few knowledge on financial literacy to improve economic condition, they told- “we learned more skill and knowledge from RWDC and made strong economically through micro-finance program, in addition we gained knowledge about business specific training from RWDC so whenever we didn’t forget to RWDC organization”.

Similarly, Dhamkali Chaudhary selected a member of the parliament of province no. of 5 now, she has been involving in micro-finance program as a member for 9 years ago, and Chaudhary enhanced the capacity from micro-finance program as economically, social, cultural and political. For that, RWDC provided more opportunity for speaking by get together to her. She told – “RWDC enhanced my capacity to start business and got training for this, in this situation I took loan for conducting business form micro-finance program when I capable my prestige increased in society and gradually I represented in every program from community”.  Hence, I developed my capacity and relationship with different stakeholder, at this moment i have made a member of the parliament”. In this way, such type of the women are enhancing capacity by involving in micro-finance program. In this addition, 51 rural women have elected from local election 2074 who involves in micro-finance program. This is big achievements of the micro-finance program.