Successfully Conducted Center Chief Annual Review Workshop

Rural Women Development Centre (RWDC) conducted total 13 center chief annual review workshop in 13 branches under micro-finance program in various date and time. In each workshop, 300 center chief participated from mfi group including elected representatives and media. The main objective of the workshop is to review activity, progress of last year and planning the activity for next year along with share experience of success entrepreneurs.

The workshop was conducted in Ghorahi, Narayanpur, Bhalubang, Tulsipur, Lamahi, Gadhawa, Rajpur, Shreegaun, Hapure and Tulsipur B in Dang district, Salyan in Salyan district, Baijapur, Kohalpur in Banke district branches. In total 4000 center chiefs participated in the workshop from entire branches. In the workshop, RWDC awarded to success entrepreneurs, groups and good clients along with elected representatives.

In total 52 success entrepreneurs, 52 good mfi centers, 26 well saving clients and which mfi group meet the target of last year, those group awarded from this workshop. Similarly, 51 elected representatives awarded who are involving in micro-finance clients for long year under RWDC, they have elected from local election of 2074 B.S.

Elected representatives like Mayor, ward chairman and media representatives were participated in this workshop and felt happy by listening the clients experience and learning. They motivated to women for conducting business and committed for supported wherever. Mrs. Aasmani Chaudhary chairperson of RWDC chaired of the entire workshop and Director Mr. Shogat Chaudhary facilitated of the workshop.

At the present, RWDC’s micro-finance program has expanded in Dang, Banke and Salyan district, 36000 women were included in this program. 13 branches established under micro-finance program in this districts and preparing for expanding more branches in another district to reduce the poverty and empowering to women for economic and social development.