Micro-finance’s Review Workshop

On 1st to 2nd 2018, review workshop organized for entire micro finance staffs under micro finance program to review the planned activities and find out the current challenges of MFI. Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) hosted of the workshop and supported in overall management. The main objective of the workshop is to build the staff capacity for facing current issues of micro finance and share progress. The workshop of 80 staffs gather in Dang was chaired by the RWDC chairperson Mrs. Aasmani Chaudhary, where the facilitated director Mr. Shogat Bir Chaudhary and other senior management team.

Managers, Accountant, Field Assistance and department of chief were participated form central office and 13 branches of RWDC from Dang, Banke and Salyan districts. Manager and accountant presented the progress, opportunity and challenges of the branches which find out issues in the grass root level, and field assistance also shared experience and learning while conducting the program activities.

Participants told that- “women are involving in micro enterprise to growth economic condition and most of the women have succeed through micro finance program, they earn more money contributed of micro finance”. “In addition they are handling their family economically”.

In this current situation, the micro finance key problems is like political intervention, duplication and frauds women. Therefore, women are suffering from this problem for income generating and daily livelihood.

RWDC is conducting micro finance program in Dang, Banke and Salyan districts including 36000 rural women and empowering for economically and leadership development.