Budget Planning Workshop

Rural Women Development Centre (RWDC) organized two days budget planning workshops on June 29 – 30, 2018 in Ghorahi, Dang including board members, executive director, senior management team and branch manager of micro-finance program. In total 26 participants welly participated for this budget planning process to achieve the target and increase goodwill of the organization and project/program. Similarly, RWDC made well plan for next year about of service delivery, loan disbursement, increase member and saving, capacity building training for staffs and members and add micro-finance branches to access service for marginalized, poor and destitute women. Branch manager contributed own opinion for that and committed for achieving the target as per plan. There were discussion about existing challenges and opportunity for planning and mitigate the community issues for economic empowerment.
Mrs. Aasmani Chaudhary chaired that program including branch manager of Mega Bang Mr. Sarad Aadhikari, Mr. Shogat Bir Chaudhary (Director) and relevant stakeholders. Similarly, Mrs. Mira Chaudhary, Sushila Giri and Kalidash Chaudhary facilitated of the workshop and director concluded all of views and suggested for well way forward.