Social Audit of RWDC

RWDC conducted the social audit of RWDC from September 15 to 20, 2018.

After long time, RWDC completed the organizational social audit of whole project or program in accordance with “social audit procedure 2067”. In beginning, RWDC coordinated with local government, district coordination committee, different stakeholders, media, political parties and community people and informed about social audit procedure. After receiving positive response of entire stakeholders, RWDC decided the conducting social audit of the organization.

For that, RWDC selected two social auditors from board meeting as per required process. After that, social auditor mobilized in field for focus group discussion (FGD) and took interview with government agencies and other stakeholders. Thereby, community people and stakeholders excited for transparency and public trust. Along with they discussed with communities and beneficiaries where RWDC is conducting project/program.

Similarly, RWDC organized the open interaction program where participated Mayor, chief of DCC, CCI, civil society, media, government agencies, beneficiaries, political parties and others relevant stakeholders. In total 64 participants (male 38, female 26, stakeholders 12, journalist 9 and 43 beneficiari

es) participated in this program.

Entire guest and participants gave feedback and comments for transparency and public participation. It is first initiation in this district. Still, any organization hasn’t conducted social audit within this year. Similarly, Mr. Narulal Chaudhary committed to conduct social audit in every government organization for transparency and public trust, they said- we will conduct immediate from Ghorahi Sub metropolitan city Dang coordinating with RWDC. It program was more effectiveness and realized to entire participants for wining public trust and improved good governance.