CS:MAP Partners being Recognized as Expert in Public Hearing

The expertise of CS:MAP partner NGOs in good governance has increasingly been recognized by the local governments. Ghorahi Sub-metropolis requested RWDC to facilitate a public hearing of the Sub-metropolis in Dang. The public hearing was conducted according to the Public Hearing Implementation Guideline, 2010 on April 18, 2019. Prior to the public hearing, an exit poll and application of Community Report Card (CRC) were completed within 15 days by RWDC. Besides that, Information Officer of RWDC shared the key achievements and findings under public service delivery and its effectiveness, citizen engagement, governance and budget. Issues that emerged from the process pointed to the need for continued pro-active disclosure on a quarterly basis; developing integrated development plan; facilitating student enrollment; ensuring quality and free education; ensuring public participation in policy-making process; managing budget for sickle cell anemic people; providing textbooks to public sch

ools in a timely manner; increasing agriculture subsidy and developing a policy for small farmers by engaging citizens; allocating inclusive budget in governance, gender equality, public service delivery and civic engagement, social development and disaster risk reduction. Elected representatives expressed their commitment to address issues raised by the 165 people that participated in this event chaired by Naru Lal Chaudhary, chief of Ghorahi sub-metropolis.