Interaction on Open Government Partnership with locally elected representative

RWDC conducted interaction program on Open Government Partnership with locally elected representatives on 31 May 2019 in Hotel Mala Inn, Dang Ghorahi. There were presence 2 Mayor and 5 gaunpalika chairs from 7 local government of Dang district, 50 participants participated from civil society, media, civic champions, CCI, bar association, professor association and women leader organization.

In the democratic system, the main objective of the OGP is to ensure public participation, transparency, accountability of local government establishing well collaboration among the government, private sector and civil society. In the context of Dang, RWDC focused on OGP concept, objective, it’s important and local government priorities area for strengthening democratic system and achieve output oriented result collaborating from civil society and local government. Similarly, RWDC constructively pressurized to apply social accountability tools, engage in policy making process and form civil society committee for improving governance and effective public service delivery.

In the Interaction on OGP, program participants raised governance issues, services delivery issues, gaps of policy making process, collaboration issues between government and civil society and public participation. In accordance with public issues, entire Mayor and presidents committed to implement OGP concept and it’s principles on upcoming days. They accepted “we are learning for conducting government and make policy” so we didn’t get more information and knowledge on Open Government Partnership. Likewise, they decide to disclosure progress report quarterly basis. Similarly, they committed to follow up regularly and develop our local government as per the following points:

  • access of civic in public information,  –  Financial transparency
  • Open Government data  –  Open procurements system
  • Ensure public participation in local planning process
  • Effective utilization of natural resource and public service
  • Monitoring and declaration of public assets
  • Judicial transparency

The interaction program facilitated and concept paper presented from identified key civil society champions. RWDC chairperson Mrs. Aasmani Chaudhary chaired of the interaction program.