LDAG supported to fires victim

Shree Janchetana LDAG has supported to entire fire victims at Sirukharkha and Maale which is located in ward no 1 under Ghorahi sub metropolitan. LDAG provided school dress, vessel and food from your monthly snack cost of LDAG. They saved 3000 rupee from LDAG snack cost, similarly, they collected per person 500 from LDAG members and requested to another organization and private sector. As requested of LDAG RWDC provided some stationery and food items. Likewise, some private fancy store supported clothes to fire victim’s people. In total LDAG supported different items equal of Rs. 10000 jointly.

They decided in their LDAG meeting for supporting to fire victims, as per the same LDAG supported to entire households. Similarly, LDAG initiated to support to fire victim with ward office, private sector and other relevant stakeholders. 9 houses destroyed fully from fire at Sirukharcha and Maale. Similarly, LDAG has also conducted awareness program for avoiding fire, coordinating with ward no. 1 office.

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