Used Social Accountability Tool Effectively by RWDC

Rural Women Development Centre (RWDC) has conducted institutional social audit on October 24, 2019 in Dang. Sita Sigdel Nepaune, Deputy Mayor of the Ghorahi sub metropolitans was the chief guest of the program. A total of 105 participants were presence from DCC, ward chairman, HEAD coalition, target beneficiaries, community people, civil society organization’s representatives, media, common assemblies, LDAGs members and HEAD sectoral government units.

For conducting social audit, RWDC followed up the social audit guideline 2067 of Nepal Government. Also in last year RWDC had used same guideline of social audit.  The appointed social auditors had a group-centered discussion with the beneficiaries and representatives of the government agencies of the project conducted by the organization. Besides that, the preliminary social audit report presented by social auditors and collected feedback of government agencies and beneficiaries by RWDC. Overall, the RWDC has made service accessible to the community in a convenient, fast, effective and transparent manner. In the social audit program beneficiaries said that – we have received good services from RWDC. Such kinds of issues raised by beneficiaries and representatives of government agencies for RWDC (like; to be conduct joint program with local bodies, to submit progress report with the local bodies along with budget, to be conduct software and hardware program from CSOs, to be conduct long term project in community level, to be support in health post and school for constructing physical structure by RWDC etc.) About the last year issues, RWDC discussed with beneficiaries and governments units in social audit program. Nabin Chaudhary presented the overall performance of the organization and shared a brief concept of social audit and its process along with strengths, lesson learned, challenges and future plans of the organization.

Similarly, it types of program have brought good message in this district and made responsible and accountable to elected bodies and civil society representatives for improving good governance and civic engagement. RWDC is the first organization which is conducting social audit in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of Nepal. Elected representatives, said the social audit conducted by RWDC should be taken as an example by other CSOs in the district to promote accountability and transparency. Civil society organization’s representatives also committed to conduct social audits in own organization. Governments units made a commitment to include it types of tools in governance policies. Sita Sigdel Nepaune, Deputy Mayor of the Ghorahi sub metropolitans committed to conduct social audit of the sub metropolitans in this year. The program chaired by Aasmani Chaudhary chairperson of Rural Women Development Centre-RWDC.