Discussion on CSOs’ internal good governance and self-regulation

RWDC conducted the district level an interaction program on minimum standards for CSOs’ internal governance and self-regulation on Jan 31, 2020 in Dang. In a federal structure of Nepal, the interaction focused to promote good governance in civil society organization and make an effective public service delivery, develop accountability and transparency.

It an interaction program, the civil society organizations’ representatives made a decision to implement minimum standards for CSOs’ internal good governance and self-regulation guideline in the district. They also made a committee for finalizing this guideline. NGO federation and civil society champion are leading the committee for further process. CSOs’ representatives committed to change system for improving internal good governance and to win public trust and government engagement as well as increasing transparency. In addition to, they have pledged to prepare and announce this CSOs’ minimum standards guideline within a month.

Ghorahi sub metropolis and District Administrative Office committed to support for preparing guideline and create vibrant civil society. Acting Mayor of Ghorahi sub metropolis Mrs. Sita Sigdel Nepaune told that – “it is a good initiation of CSOs to sustain the governance system”. Along with this, she said – we made a good governance policy in technical support of RWDC.

NNSWA and civil society champions presented the concept paper on minimum standards for CSOs’ internal good governance and self-regulation, which was developed by NGO Federation. It an interaction program was more interactive and have given positive message in this district. The interaction program chaired by Chandra Raj Pant from civil society champion. A total of 52 (Female 18, Male 35) participants participated in the interaction program including representative of DAO, deputy mayor Ghorahi sub metropolitan, NGO Fed and all active CSOs’ representatives of Dang.